Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dreaming Jerusalem...

I received this email from a parent/psychologist in Jerusalem 10 days before receiving a communication that the Italian Pediatric Federation (I collaborate with) has struck up an agreement with the Israeli Ambulatory Pediatric Associations. I'm trying to get a collaboration going, but I have no idea regarding the actual newborn hearing screening situation in Israel...anybody have any information?
Because there also just happens to be a Pediatric Congress in Jerusalem in June...
And if you've been following this blog...stranger things have happened.
In any case, check out this mom and her new site!!!!


Parents of Children with Hearing Loss Go Online to Find Support and Advice

(Jerusalem, May 10, 2010) In this age of Web 2.0, more parents are going online to
find support and advice. Parents of children with hearing loss often struggle to
find guidance on raising their children with unique needs. One new website has
opened up the lines of communication, offering advice and support to families of
children with hearing loss.

HearingFamilies.com was launched by Dr. Efrat Schorr, a developmental psychologist,
specializing in the social and emotional development of children with hearing loss
in April 2010 because, "I needed this website myself." Schorr continues, "As a
mother of a child with hearing loss, there were so many questions I had about my
son's social and emotional development and I had nowhere to turn. I decided to start
this website to share information that is hard to find."

Since the launch one month ago, parents have started conversing on a range of
subjects from how to help adolescent children cope with the stress of cochlear
implant device failure to answering children's questions when they wonder "will I
always have a hearing loss?" Dena Lehrman remarks "This website makes me feel like
there other parents out there who can relate to what we're going through as parents
of a delightful 6 year old hearing impaired boy. We live in a community where there
are very few hearing impaired children and it's wonderful that we can connect to a
whole community of parents who are going through very similar issues."

According to Schorr "These issues are very emotional for parents since we want the
very best for our kids. When we aren't sure what to do, we don't have many people to
turn to since our usual sources of advice - family and friends, haven't dealt with
these issues that are unique to our kids with hearing loss. This website aims to
fill in this gap."

About HearingFamilies.com

HearingFamilies.com is a website dedicated to supporting and strengthening families
of children with hearing loss. By combining insights and perspectives from real
families with the most up-to-date research, HearingFamilies provides advice and
information that families of children with hearing loss need, along with
encouragement and caring.


Dr. Efrat Schorr


Julia said...

So maybe newborn screening will be this year in Italy, next year in Jerusalem? (Sorry, I just *had* to use that phrase.)

Anonymous said...

Gabriella Tognola @ ISIB will certainly give you an update of NHS in Israel. Hey, enjoy the Baltimore branch of your family.... Ferdi