Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Real Perfect Man

Luca and I spent like two hours having this outrageous discussion. First, he pissed me off because he said that divorced women over the age of 34 are as likely to remarry as they are of being attacked by a Kamikazee. Then, the conversation improved. One of his best lines, aside from "All men should hang clothes...(hmm. not helpin' you with that one)" was the following: "Vagina + Brains= A Complete Meal." He did however add that the two should function independently and NOT together. Interesting.

So, the conversation ensued and we began going down the list of our friends to decide who in fact was a strong combination of the two.


I started...Penis + Brains + Money (Brad Pitt) would, in fact, be the Complete Meal for a woman.

We went through the list of our guy friends (I did) and destroyed just about everyone. Basically, 99% of my close girlfriends are SO a combo of vagina and brains, especially my best friend Julie. As far as the men are concerned...need I remind you that I'm living in Italy?

Now...the real question is - Barack Obama? Whaddya think?


Debbie said...

Let's just say: Penis+Brains+Money+Leader of the free world=even my jewish mother couldn't find fault in that...ummm except maybe that he isn't jewish? OY Mom!

Unknown said...

Not a bad answer. I'm still undecided on one element, although I will say that George Bush is MOST definitely, without a doubt, 100% MONEY...Clinton, on the other hand...he was AOTA! Had a couple of nice dreams about him in college. lol, Jodi