Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One hour ago, I received a phone call from a pediatrician who works at the hospital in Grosseto. He requested information regarding the cochlear implant for the family of a newly diagnosed two month old baby.

Four months ago, my pediatrician and I began collaborating on a project involving Newborn Hearing Screening during which time he began collecting information from other pediatricians throughout the Tuscan Region to determine how many birthing hospitals actually performed the screening. Prior to this investigation, the hospital of Grosseto did not perform the screening. One week later, they began doing the screening. Two months later, this baby was diagnosed. Had the hospital not begun implementing the Newborn Hearing Screening program, who knows when this baby would have been diagnosed as being deaf?


Btw, people are still commenting (123 and going strong) on the post from Sunday, December 14th, feel free to join in the fun...we've had a couple of beers, a cup of cappuccino and MM is giving me an education! Lol.


Naomi said...

Isn't that just the best? That is the ripple effect - you start small to make a change and before you know it - look at the huge change this is going to make in the life of this baby and his/her parents.

Anonymous said...

I hope these babies are given a chance to learn sign language. Just because a baby is implanted with a CI, does not mean that they aren't deaf. http://deafbilingual.blogspot.com/