Thursday, December 11, 2008


1. I'm stuck home with two sick kids.
2. Sofia claimed the computer to watch Winx The Movie for the first half of the morning. (I generously donated it because I love her and feeling guilty is part of my nature)
3. The electricity went out for the second half of the morning, so I was stuck home with two bored, sick kids in the dark.
4. I have stress-related adult acne-never had a damn zit in my life.
5. Luca just got home and informed me that I have a flat tire.
6. Have I mentioned that it has been STORMING-LIGHTNING-THUNDERING for the past week and that the river by my house has flooded the bridge?
Summary: If you hear about some American lunatic in Tuscany who threw her kids out the window and robbed a car, you'll know it was me.

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Anonymous said...

LOL (at your last comment...)

It'll pass, tomorrow is another day.