Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Lil Bit of Hot Chocolate!

Hmm. Of course I decide to get a dog the coldest day of the year here in Grosseto. For the past three days, Brie has peed and pooped all over the house and Luca just smiles and indicates the spot for me to clean. Brie is SO damn cute and cuddly, I don't even mind becoming the human pooper scooper. I've always thought that dogs look just like their owners, take my mom for example, she has a yorkie and I swear they are twins. Well, I now know that I am a poodle, interesting. I'd always thought I was a Labrador.

Christmas went well, Sofia and Jordan had fun. Jordan hasn't left his spot in front of his Nintendo Wii and Sofia hasn't left Brie, whose white fur is now fuscia thanks to Sofia's choice in lip color. After freezing our butts off all day, we just took a walk to the bar for a hot chocolate. Whenever I go for a hot chocolate I think of my old roommate Wendi who established code word "Hot Chocolate" every time she wanted me to evacuate the room for, you know, stuff. Those were the days...

I have somewhat of kind of sort of exciting news. My dad submitted a screenplay of RALLY CAPS to a movie screenplay competition and out of thousands of screenplays submitted, we're one of the finalists...CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!! Go Dad!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Can I have your autograph? My Casper would like to have one.....from Jordan.

Here it is warm! I cannot drink Hot Chocolate 'cause there is no snow! No hot lipstick as well.....Bah Humbag!

White Ghost

VBnBama said...

I do have your autograph (in a very safe place) am I bragging? hell yea! good luck and your dad is so ambitious and cute, love it. Fingers are crossed in Alabama!
And my kids were watching Italy intently Christmas Eve on the Norad Santa tracker, they were excited Sofia and Jordan got their gifts first.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing three years ago, picked out a puppy in the dead of winter. It was rough with the potty training but it worked out.

Brie looks so cute, just like her Mama.


Unknown said...

We're twins:)) Thanx Putz- Happy New Year, girlfriend!