Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing Brie!!!!!!! God Help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *SMILE*


Anonymous said...

Will your dog be bilingual?



Think of me when up at night b/c I will be up with ETHAN, still. :(

debbie blatt

Anonymous said...

I know. I am not supposed to make a comment during the xmas eve. It's now 7:40 PM. I know that I get a black coal. Naughty me......


White Ghost

Naomi said...

Oh she looks so cute - kids look pretty smitten with her too.

Unknown said...

My mother-in-law says she looks like a sheep. Interesting. I LOVE HER!!!!!! AND THE KIDLINGS....GONE! Lola is beyond pissed off! Never a dull moment to eat a REALLY big lunch! You haven't tasted anything until you've had my mil's tira mi su...

Stephen said...

Brie? Where'd the name come from? So cute! I am upset for Lola though. Poor thing. Can you please send me that picture via email? Dad

Unknown said...

Hi Dad,
Email issues as usual so I'm responding here...the person who had Brie didn't really take care of her so her paws and some spots on her fur were and still are yellowish. So, the combo of white and yellowish made her look like a piece of Brie...and of course being a poodle, her name needed to be kind of foofyish lol. She is such a cuddler! Of couse she isn't potty trained and these past two days have been the coldest,rainiest, windiest of the year. So, after spending an hour a pop trying to get her to go outside, we come inside and three seconds later it's all over the place. What was I thinking???? Lola is in heat and almost took off Luca's nose she's so pissed off.
Sofia calls Brie "the sheep" and I must admit, she really looks like a sheep. I took her to the groomer immediately, but they didn't have time to groom her, they just bathed her and cut some of her face. She has this huge ring of fur around her stomach and really, really long, skinny legs-she is not a normal dog-fits in perfectly!
I slept half the day today while the kidlings played with their new presents. Sofia has been playing with make up all day, while Jordan has been playing Nintendo Wii. Peace.
Love you,
Your daughter
Lovely communicating by blog *smile*

Danielle said...

awww PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.