Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stick Shift

When you turn 40, do you suddenly become wise?
Do you break harmful patterns and smile more?
Do you love unconditionally and suffer free of charge?
If you've controlled everything your entire life, do you suddenly hand over the reigns?

Maybe you say WTF a few more times than you did before.
Maybe you pass on the nutella milkshake and run an extra lap.
Maybe you go to the cinema alone.

Maybe you're driving down the street with your kids when California Kingbed comes on the radio, and since you happen to love that song, you pump up the volume and scream the words with your daughter as your son calls you tone-deaf.

Perhaps you do something totally materialistic like buy a new car.

Perhaps the choices you make and the repercussions you never spoke about do not define you negatively, but serve to strengthen you as you continue down that road.

Once upon a time you had a child who couldn't hear or speak.
Once upon a time all American Presidents were white.
Once upon a time it never snowed in Baltimore in October.

I believe that 40 is beautiful.
And I believe in happily ever after 40.


Debbie said...

There's very little you can do, my friend. Time marches on and we are being dragged thru the wormhole with it! Enjoy each day. The here. The now.

Julia said...

I've been forty for eight months now, and I'd go for the Nutella milkshake. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Paula {} said...

Just wait to you get to 45! LOL When was your birthday? I'm sorry I missed it. Sending you my love, as always! xo