Thursday, October 13, 2011


Growing pains happen when you least expect them.
Jordan comes home with a pimple on his chin.
Sofia looks at me and says, "Mom, I'm eight years old and you can't tell me what to do!"

When I was an adolescent, my mouth worked quicker than my mind. I never thought before I reacted, I would just react.
As an adult you don't do that.
As an adult, you have acquired the level of sensitivity and empathy that only one with a history of impulsivity can achieve.

There are phases, experiences, events that take you back to adolescent insecurities, though, and once again...the hand may be quicker than the brain.

You can quit smoking, but old habits die hard.
And some people...are quicker to leave than others.
Some people are more sensitive than others, and those are the very people that don't let you see that side too often...until it is too late.

So you keep the moments that made you smile, learn from the moments that caused you pain....keep loving and keep going


tammy said...

it's funny, I'm reading a book right now on the adolescent brain, very interesting on the reasons why they're so impulsive and fearless. To think I have many more years ahead of this, scary.

LOVE your posts. They scream out to me, like I could write them myself.

So proud of you for quitting. It's not easy. One day at a time.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the adolescent brain is highly common in the mature adult male species.
PS. LOL.........14 days without a cigarette.