Monday, October 10, 2011

Black and White

One day you wake up and you're simply different.
The sun may be brighter, the wood smoother and the street you've walked a thousand times for a thousand suddenly new.
You find yourself holding a familiar hand that feels familiar, protective...
yet suffocating.

You stand in the middle of that street and wonder how you got there, because it no longer fits you.
You, no longer fit you.
Emotions like anger flood through you and considering you've never actually felt anger before, you have no idea how or where to put it.
Your clothes don't fit, the fence is too tight..

Sometimes, you just have to grow.

I am passionate.
I never knew that about myself.


I believe in love. I see love in a croissant with berry jelly and a cup of cappuccino with mocha sprinkled on top.I have worked hard to create an equilibrium, damn hard.
But if you ask me to run outside in the rain without an umbrella- I'll one up ya- strip and run.
Even if I just got my hair done.

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