Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three Nights...Four Days in Florence!

1. Thong update: The mom called me and the night was a tremendous success. Not only that, but, she went to her employer determined and secure and got that part-time position! She told me they didn't even hesitate. She had that glow:-)
2. The Italian Pediatric Federation Congress is the next four days in Florence. We prepared a poster that I went to print yesterday to find that the printer I usually go to was closed permanently. I freaked. I jumped in my car and began driving around Grosseto wondering what I was going to do, when I noticed the van in front of me had "ART and GRAPHICS" smeared all over the place. There was a number. I dialed it and a woman answered who told me they did, in fact, print Congress posters. I now have the poster in hand and I am ready to go!
3. Our Audiology session is tomorrow and a deaf woman with a cochlear implant will be presenting a speech. I am so, so proud that she is one of the presenters. I had the opportunity to see one of her presentations in Rome and she is just amazing.
4. Me, myself, I and 1200 pediatricians in Florence.
5. Bring it.


Cathy said...

Hi, I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog. It's people like you who got my into creating a blog of my own about my son Alex's cochlear implant story. It's just new but if you're interested and would like to follow here is the link:
Thanks for all the inspiration,

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, Jodi!!
(a busy Ferdi, as always....)(though busy, I am often checking your blog....I admire you, you can't imagine how much I do, jodi)

Unknown said...

Cathy, Thank you so much...I'm going to visit Alex as soon as I get home:-)
Ferdi...*Smile* So, so sweet...and thank you as always for giving me the opportunity to do what I love.