Sunday, March 8, 2009

Toughin' It in Tuscany

Life is not good when you are on DAY THREE WITHOUT WATER AND INTERNET!!! So, we abandoned ship and headed for the beach...AMAZING DAY HERE IN TUSCANY! And to top it off, a brownie McFlurry from McD's- it ain't Steak n Shake, but it sure goes down smoothly!

Note: My mother-in-lawndry is a saint. She washed about twelve loads of dirty clothes. Keep in mind- she irons underpants and separated each family member's clothes in a different bag AND put my panties in their own little ziplock baggie...UNBELIEVABLE!


Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your mother-in-laundry? lol

Ahh, Jordan is going to be an awesome activist one of these days! Good investigative reporter too!

I feel for you. It shall soon pass.


Anonymous said...

Surviving on nothing but love, huh? Your MIL IS a saint! LOL

Loved that you captioned the video. :) Did you read what I did at Julie's bat mitzvah to make it accessible for the guest? Read the post here:

Hope you're back in your home and back to normal soon.