Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Sex

Slammed. And struggling to recuperate. This has been one of the heaviest weeks all year. Dealing with doctors who have to deal with patients, surgeries, paperwork, emergencies while trying to meet MY agenda is exasperating. I have been patient, understanding, respectful and weak. No longer. This week, I had two heated arguments with two professionals and FINALLY asserted myself and the work I am trying to accomplish.

I believe I may be getting somewhere. Passion and international connections don't hurt.

I am one frustrated American mom in Tuscany.

At least I was...

In any case, something remarkable happened this week. As I've mentioned, I am currently creating a Parent Mentoring Program through the University of Pisa. On Thursday, I took Jordan to Pisa because the mom of an 18 month old adorable little girl is considering the ci surgery and wanted to meet Jordan. She was the one who had spoken to him on the phone and cried. I think she wanted to be sure he was real.

We arrived and I knocked on the door of the office where they do the testing to find the mother wiping her teary eyes and the little girl running around the office getting into everything. Familiar scene, lol. The audiologist began talking to me telling me that she didn't know why the mom was crying and that the little girl was definitely a candidate for the ci. As I was talking to the audi, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the mom speaking to Jordan.

Jordan had red marker lines penned on his face and the mom asked him if they were leftovers from Carnevale. He said, "Um, every now and then I fall asleep in class (news to me)and my friends drew on my face." Then, he started laughing. I know he fake-slept and they drew on his face, also because he confessed this later in the day- no one in this family is normal. The mother started crying all over again listening to Jordan speak and "hear" even when he wasn't looking at her as she was talking.

The audi asked the mom to hold her baby for another exam, and I hugged Jordan. We watched the mom and her baby during the exam. The child wouldn't sit still and the mom was wiping her eyes. I said, "Jordan, this was you and me eleven years ago, do you realize that?"

He looked at me and smiled.

I said, "You were much, much worse! You wouldn't sit still for five seconds!"

He laughed and denied.

One of the most emotional moments of my life.


Julia said...

You do know how to grab attention in a title! Great story. When you see someone at the beginning of a journey that you've been on for a long time, it's such an eye-opener. Another blogger recently wrote something along the lines of "If only I could go back and talk to the scared, confused woman I was three years ago, and show her that it's going to be okay..."

Debbie said...

I know of what you speak Jodi. Thank you for a wonderful slice of your life. You really are so special to share such intimacy with us. I truly appreciate it. XOXOXO

And Julia, that's such a wise quote you used which I relate to wholeheartedly.