Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I don't quite know how to explain this, but required me to be bitchy.
I rose to the occasion. Actually, I'm getting kind of used to it. Don't like it- but it seems to work for me.
Wouldn't it be so nice if someone would just say, "Okay, Jodi, no problem."


VBnBama said...

Jodi, if a door is locked someone has a key. You just gotta find the right person...or sometimes you have to tear the damn thing down. Whatever works! lol

Anonymous said...

What happened???

It is unfortunate, but there are times when the claws have to come out, usually when we're protecting or advocating for our children. I often think that if everyone we dealt with had a child with special needs of their own, things would be much simpler.

Hope it all works out. I have confidence in you! :)

Debbie said...

ROAR BABY ROAR!!! I live in NYC -- bitchy is just another day at the office;))