Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Oh, The Good That Can Come Out of Pain"

...I cried when my friend wrote these words. Cross your fingers, I'll have the news I've been waiting for for the past eight months in four hours. In the meantime, I'd like to share some of the "Good" that has come out of so many parents' experiences...

Ann Porter of Aussie Deaf Kids and founding GPOD member has placed a description of the GPOD and the survey on her website. Click here:

*I am currently assisting committee members to establish a- Children with Hearing impairment Parent support "CHIPS" group in Townsville Qld Australia. This support group will fall under the umbrella of Deaf Children Australia. We are working with a group of parents and Advisory Visiting teachers. The group was launched in march 2009

*I speak with parents of newly diagnosed children who are referred to me from NYU Medical Center and also Summit Speech School. Just this week I became a volunteer for the Bionic Ear Association.

*We work under our speech therapist and spea with the parents when required. There are no support groups.I blog to help other parents know that a deaf child can talk.

*I only provide some informal one on one support to other parents, via email and face to face meetings. I have some background in the Deaf community and can offer parents some resources and tips regarding their child's daily experiences.

*I am a Family Support Advocate for our local early intervention program.

*Have worked with Canberra Deaf Children Association for many years, not currently involved officially as my child is now 21, but am always willing to talk to any new parent and the current committee is aware of this.

*Not formally. Our family service worker asked us if we would meet with other families if the need arose (and we have). I am attending school to gain my qualifications to be a teacher of the deaf - I often bring my family perspective into discussions.

The list goes on...

Share your experiences by taking the GPOD survey here:

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