Friday, March 13, 2009

Parents and Children Abandoned by the System

This was a recent post to an Italian support group:

You may not believe me but I have never found support in any aspect of our situation with Marco. Not one person has stepped forward to assist us, not even the Federation dedicated to helping families with Deaf children- and I'm afraid to mention names. I will say that I received a response from them saying that they can only help families of children who are cochlear implant recipients. I even wrote a letter of protest to the National Federation Headquarters.

The child psychiatrist? How can I get in touch with him? Privately? Jodi, Marco's doctors initially told me that they were in no way in favor of requesting a support teacher in the classroom for him. What can I say??? Anyway, I know that it is difficult for you to understand, but I HAVE BEEN ABANDONED BY THE SYSTEM WITH NO TYPE OF SUPPORT WHATSOEVER!!!

At this point, who do I fight?? I would need to go after everyone for the way in which this situation has been handled. In all of these years, no one realized my son was Deaf...from the ENT to the Pediatrician- what else can I say???

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation.
Please take ten minutes to take the GPOD survey, so that we can work to improve the system and ensure that parents receive support globally...

Calling all Bloggers: Please post the survey on your blogs, as well. We are a powerful bunch when we work together...Thank you.


Dianrez said...

That would anger me, too. Putting children with CIs in a special favored class and denying services to others is incomprehensible and absolutely unfair.

Historically, children who had partial hearing, wore aids, had some auditory and speech memory, or otherwise had excellent oral skills were favored by schools and the others were given less attention and less resources. This was especially tragic because many intelligent kids were left out when it came time to plan for college.

Parents obtain these services most effectively when they make lots of noise. Get together and apply pressure to the agencies that have the funds!

Anonymous said...

where did you get a picture of holding hands around the planet on the top of your blog? You didn't show at all the source of the picture? Did you design it yourself? If not, where's the source of the picture?

Anonymous said...

Not all Deaf children are candidate to have CIs or hearing aids. It is so sad that there are groups or organizations that weed out Deaf children and were given less attention and resources.

This is why many parents and Deaf people are starting to rally against the "audism" philosophy organizations focusing on the education of the mouths and ears more than the education of the minds.

Here in America, there are starting to have many new organizations helping many Deaf children using bilingual method.

One organization, Deaf Bilingual Coalition( ) is working very hard against a very wealthy biased organization and their slogan is "Independence Through Listening and Talking". This organization is dominating the system all over the world.

Yes, Many Parents and Deaf children are abandoned by the "System" and it is time to stop this audism philosophy.

Please visit