Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pasta, Olive Oil and NHS

It's that time once again for a poem...
By Shel Silverstein

I've made me a moon-catchin' net,
And I'm goin' huntin' tonight,
I'll run along swingin' it over my head,
And grab for that big ball of light.

So tomorrow just look at the sky,
And if there's no moon you can bet
I've found what I sought and I finally caught
the moon in my moon-catchin' net.

But if the moon's still shinin' there,
Look close underneath and you'll get
A clear look at me in the sky swingin' free
With a star in my moon-catchin' net.

I recently received the news that my cochlear implant surgeon Professor Stefano Berrettini of Pisa, my pediatrician Dr. Giovanni Lenzi and I will be presenting a one and a half hour Satellite Symposium at the National Congress of the Italian Pediatric Federation as a result of our study adapted and based on the following study:
Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Newborn Hearing Screening
(Mary Pat Moeller, PhD, Karl R. White, PhD and Lenore Shisler, MS).

*Special thanks to my husband for dealing with me*

Of course, I feel no need to stop there, but would like to implement a national campaign on Newborn Hearing Screening by incorporating our questionnaire as an online survey to be distributed to all Italian Pediatricians. (Never believed in thinking small)

I have a meeting scheduled with the FIMP President on April 2nd.

Uh-huh, just him and me.



Anonymous said...

Knock him out with not just your sex appeal, but your passion, your brains and your courage. I admire you for all you do and only hope that many others follow in your footsteps. Life is short, be the change that you want to see in the world. You GO, Woman!

Unknown said...

Thank you sweetheart!!!!