Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NHS 2008 and CI Kids

NHS 2008...Here I come! Packing, packing, practicing my speech and packing. I'm lugging fifty books in two different languages, three pairs of shoes, and two outfits for each of the three days I'll be there. Of course two changes of clothes really means four a day, because a woman must have the option to choose. Ten hours on the train should be enough time to memorize my speech, which by the way the organizer who is my new best friend, told me is touching and inspirational. (After I had to cut about three pages...got a little bit long-winded)*smile* I have already been invited to the VIP cocktail hour tomorrow night, I'm telling you I love this gentleman. After a ten hour train ride, I will be ready for some serious sipping.

I've broken the speech into sections regarding experiences lived with our Pediatrician, Audiologist, Speech Therapist and Cochlear Implant Team. My favorite part is explaining how to understand Deafness, but I'll post the entire speech when I get back.

You know, just like Val wrote about in her Maw Maw post, I never prayed to God to cure Jordan's deafness, I only always prayed for the strength to be a good mom. However, only one month after Jordan's ci activation, when he began understanding more than two sentences put together, I remember praying for the chance to thank all of the doctors who helped my son reach the point he is today. I mean I really prayed hard. When the Italian National magazine CHI contacted me and RAI 1 the Italian National TV did the same, I was so grateful for the opportunity to thank all of these people. Doctors don't even realize the power they have, not only in regard to their ability to diagnose an illness or perform a successful surgery; it's the human side they add to the equation that truly renders their job a success. We have always been fortunate to have found sensitive Medical Professionals. Maybe they have been sensitive and gone that extra little bit, because we have always said "thank you," but that little extra bit is what changes everything.

Anyway, the prayer for the opportunity to thank these professionals has kind of exploded and turned into a desire to try to make a difference in some small way. For some reason, people close to me don't understand this need of mine. They think I am consumed with the "success" of the book. The "success" of the book, which was really only written to give something back to my dad for having been such a good father, is that it led me to the support groups and creating this blog, which as I've said a million times is a healing experience for me.

The true "success" of RALLY CAPS will be if my speech on Thursday morning has a positive impact on some of these Medical Professionals who treat our kids. If that occurs, then, yes...RALLY CAPS will have truly become an enormous success.
Hey Rachel and Elizabeth, not only will I be bringing the Pediatric CiCircle Brochure, but I will place a copy of Ellie's Ears right next to me at all times! And, your blog is part of my power point presentation. *smile*
Cross your fingers!
I'll report back on Sunday...I'm outta here!

Go Christian!!!


Candy said...

Can't wait to see your speech posted here after you get back.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Somehow, I get the feeling that it will all be good. You seem like a very determined person. And, that will take you far.

VBnBama said...

Oh, Gage is lovin' this song! He says he wishes he could see your son in person, I think it's the haircut (grin). Can't wait to see your speech.

elizabeth said...

GOOOOOOOO JODI! Six minutes to change the world -- and you're just the woman to do it! Your American fan club will be cheering you on here on the other side of the world! So incredibly proud of you! Thanks for sharing Ellie's Ears and CIOnline, too! Can't wait to read all about it.

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE HECK? How did I miss reading THAT part? I just re-read your blog for fun...and you're going to be presenting CI Online and my book? UNREAL! THAAAAANK YOU for helping to spread the words!!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to show your *Red* nail polish and tan bath on your feet to your *fav* gentleman and the 600's.

Bring us some tequilas from the "Made in Italy".

Bring us the captions from Italy.

Good Luck.

White Ghost

Abbie said...

I am wishing you the best of luck with your speech! I know you are going to wow them to death :)