Friday, June 27, 2008


This post is kind of about kid-stuff. My lunatic daughter of the golden curls has been scratching for the past four days. Scratching and whining, scratching and whining..."Mommy, massage my back" 5000 times a day, and I have been rubbing and rubbing and rubbing. Finally, she is healed. The weather here was cold and rainy for so long, until finally we had a full weekend of strong sun beach time, so that her skin reacted really badly. My kids all have my fair skin, poor them.

Why upside-down?

My insane Sofia Madyson eats her pizza upside-down. I cannot for the life of me understand why she takes a piece of pizza and turns it upside-down, so that the tomato and mozzarella are on the bottom with the dough on the top...just to aggravate me and destroy her clothes, or does the pizza taste better with the saucy stuff on the bottom? It's so illogical, yet adorable at the same time. I like it when my kids do abnormal stuff, it's the only time I'm really sure they're my kids. *smile*

Jordan has officially entered adolescence (Note: his best friend just proudly showed us five official hairs under his armpit, I almost passed out)because he now chats on MSN. Why do I see my life getting very physical as I will have to "take out" my son for computer time? Although, I think I'm having more fun than he is on MSN with all the little talking avatars. To give you an idea of how well he hears with his cochlear implant, his friend Agnese told us to hook up the webcam and telephone element of the computer so that he could talk and chat. He understands perfectly what they say through the computer speakers to the point that Agnese's brother was explaining how to download UNO from MSN. I sat back and smiled.

I went to meet with a school for a full-time job next year and they called me "solare." (sunny)I think they're going to create a position for me, we'll see. It was a productive meeting.

I was walking through the Corso and I ran into a family with a child who has a Cochlear Implant. They asked me where to get a copy of the book, I said right behind you. We were in front of a book store. The book was in the window. Giulio, the boy with a ci, saw himself on the cover...beautiful moment.

Next I ran into a mom I know who told me she had breast cancer.

Then, I saw one of my five year old students who ran up to me and gave me a hug.

Afterwards, I ran into Giulio and his family again, so I signed his RALLY CAPS book:
To Giulio and Fam,

I wrote this book for us, but I also wrote this book for your family. Giulio, you are a very special person and ...handsome. Kisses, Jodi

Giulio is a child who is not only deaf, but who has other disabilities. Hopefully, he will find a little of himself in the book.


Abbie said...

You just made Giulio's day :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Abbie...xoxo, Jodi