Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More on the Rachel Situation and Balls

I'm still so pissed off I can barely make my fingers click the damn keyboard. SEE ABBIE'S Blog, she said everything I would like to say and more. So, now, I'd like to discuss balls...big, hairy fat ones. I have discussed the concept in my blog in reference to my driving maternal desire for my own son to grow himself a fine set.

Rachel has a strong voice, but she is still that little girl born deaf who has had to fight since she was a baby. Doors open and then they slam shut, they open and they slam shut. She got a CI, it failed, she got another CI. She just got stronger and out popped a ball.

If after years and years of raising my son's voice someone shut it down because he was a volunteer to help others raise their voices, I would be Really pissed off. I cannot even imagine what Melissa is thinking right now, but I would be a bit concerned if I were the editors. Ain't nothin' like the wrath of a Mother whose child has been scorned.

In Rachel's Post discussing the Advanced Bionics Recall, she wrote:

I’m amazed by how certain people in the deaf community love to nitpick, make possible CI risks a major deal and look at them as a half empty glass while the risks are usually avoidable, fixable, and improvable, and companies, surgeons and audiologists who are committed, and committed parents are willing to take every step necessary to protect the health and well being of CI users. Advanced Bionics voluntarily recalled their devices by sending out letters to all the AB users and was willing to foot the bill out of their pocket for reimplantation. This demonstrates how AB was open about their failure.

Ooooh, sure DOESN'T look like she's biased in favor of Cochlear and I am Sure Cochlear America did not pay her to support Advanced Bionics.

Admitting you made an error takes balls, I'm really hoping that editors flash us.


K.L. said...

There was one tiny comment that Tayler had the unanimous support of all the DeafRead editors, but I have noticed that none of them have enough balls to make their own statements. Tayler is wrong, and he should grow big enough ones to admit it, but they won't even take a stand publicly. I'm completely disappointed in the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Question: If you are not happy with DeafRead, why don't you and others just start your own agrregator?

MKChaikof said...

Your ability to inject humor into rotten situations is a gift. Your post was right on, and you had me laughing a couple of times. Thanks as I needed to laugh!


Valerie said...

We gals have a fine set to them!!!

Maybe the guys(without naming names) were neutered. Those poor doggies really lose them. No nutts no balls!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

nice to know ladies like hairy balls, guess i can put the razor away now ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, in my blog, I asked a question for our deaf leaders who happened to be editors of Deafread to take responsibility as deaf leaders and try to give the community direction on how to improve this situation...

Tayler tried saying that I'm twisting things--but, another editor has responded and I admire his honesty...

I think we should start cooling off now and see what is the best thing to do next...

my blog is here:

Anonymous said...


It is all about ATTITUDE.

I have many ci friends, cued friends, oral friends and they don't have the attitude like Rachel, Melissa, etc.

If you want everyone to get along, then they need to stop being so arrogant thinking that they are better than those who use ASL.

Again, I is all about ATTITUDE.

You just need to change and stop talking such as hairy balls, etc like your darling, Paotie.

Anonymous said...

We are not born yesterday and we know what's all about. Enough said.

Don't paint Tayler and Rachel as a victim. It is all a troublemaker: CI industries.

Anonymous said...

FYI, DR Tayler and Human Editors are prying, hypocritic, and power-hungry leechers. They know your IP addresses! Don't trust them. PERIOD!

Leave DR and change the title of your blog with your new nickname. Don't put any term like CI or Deaf in your new title.

Abbie said...


This entire situation is handled with the delicacy of a bull in a china shop and I feel like cracking a few more pieces. I have yet to see proof or a response.

Unknown said...

I have no problem with DeafRead, I have a problem with a decision that was made...there's a difference. And...I believe in Freedom of Speech, as does DeafRead or they would not continue posting my angry posts. That's why none of this makes any sense to me.
Btw, if I'm using humor, I'm cooling off and waiting to see what they do, they made a bad decision - hope they "fix" it.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, this issue is only going to be relevant until the next big "scandal" comes along.

In a number of weeks, we've had the uproar over Matt Hamill picking a hearing actor to portray him, a building-naming brouhaha, and now this.

Ah, well.

Anonymous said...

Jodi ..

An announcement will be made at my blog later today.

Stay tuned ..



Anonymous said...

Way to go Paotie!

Please give me your blog URL
so I won't lose you.

Go go, Paotie!