Monday, June 9, 2008

It Takes a Village: Meet Chief Rachel


Rachel Chaikof flashed first...boils down to that. And, as we all know I am a huge fan of every single member of the Deaf Village Staff (Paotie's name is HOT and rather manly) I never cease to be amazed by the strength of friendships created by means of internet, even big MAC came out of retirement to support Rachel. Elizabeth
got bitchy and aggressive, which I must say I was not expecting (Her photo just doesn't scream "bitchy" to me).
Elizabeth wrote:
And, let me let you in on a little secret, Deaf Militants: I am your worst enemy. I am a hearing person, but I sign fluent ASL. Yet, after learning ASL and participating extensively in Deaf Culture events, I have decided that it is NOT the way I would choose to pursue education for deaf and hard of hearing children. WHAT?!? Shocking, I know. Given the extent to which some Deafhood followers glorify ASL, you’d be tempted to think it contained some talisman-like powers. Hate to break it to you, folks, it’s just a language. No better and no worse than any other. So… vlog away all you want in ASL without subtitles (clearly violating the decency you’d angrily demand from any hearing person who posted video without captions)… I’m listening!

Somehow, this wrongful misdoing of throwing Rachel off of brought about positive change, so I think I would actually like to THANK the editors. I went to bed with a smile on my face last night because a 21 year old deaf WOMAN gave birth to a new website that is guaranteed to help many parents and deaf individuals. Rachel...sometimes action speaks a lot louder than words.

Deaf Village Staff:

Rachel Chaikof– Lead Developer
Aaron Rose – Public Relations
Joshua Dawson AKA “Paotie”
Elizabeth Boschini
Mike McConnell
Val Blakely


Anonymous said...

"Elizabeth got bitchy and aggressive, which I must say I was not expecting (Her photo just doesn't scream "bitchy" to me)."

huh? what's is this in reference to? can you attach a link to it?

MKChaikof said...

My reaction to this is similar. Last week I was livid. As you so aptly said it, “Ain’t nothin’ like the wrath of a Mother whose child has been scorned.” However, one of the best things to do with anger is to channel it into something positive, and Rachel and the others have done that. Out of something bad has come something terrific.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Elizabeth and Rachel are forces to be reckoned with! ROAR!

Karen Mayes said...

I am glad to see negative changed to positive.

The "employed volunteer" excuse is very weak... so what, many people volunteer... even DBC (heck, I remember that John Egbert asked for money, donation, etc. in his past postings, for fundraising his DBC organization last year... what is the difference here?)

Weird politics and guidelines... but we all have to remember that guidelines are easily bent or/and changed at one's whim, sooooo...

Valerie said...

I'm excited about joing DeafVillage. I can't wait to read wonderful blogs and make new friends.

Dy said...

Sometimes its a shakeup that's required to spur new ideas and new possibilities. Turning a negative into a positive is the right thing to do in this instance. Having another aggregator available for people to use will allow for a greater audience to be reached,and people can gravitate to the one they feel fits their needs the best!!

Unknown said...

Maybe because you all are all pumped up because she is YOUR friend , but when Elizabeth wrote "I AM YOUR WORST ENEMY",... I as a stranger, as a first-time visitor, as a Deaf person, I was taken back and turned off.

How could you, Elizabeth and Rachel, embrace a Deaf Village, with no bias or bitterness toward anybody from ANY background (CI, ASL, Oral, HA, blah blah) if you claim yourself to be MY enemy?

That hurts.

Unknown said...

Dear Gnarly Dorkette,
I think you misinterpreted my surprise in that case. I was quoting not supporting that sentence. I don't feel like anyone is an "Enemy" in this situation, just a bunch of people with different opinions. That is what Elizabeth felt and said.
Hugs, Jodi

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth of England took a sword and put Rachel's shoulders.

"Honor thy leader"

Now, Sir Rachel. It's official.

White Ghost

Abbie said...

I was also surprised! Elizabeth does not look like the type that would say that but good for her to get it off her chest!

elizabeth said...

Gnarlydorkette: I apologize for the misunderstanding. Your "read" on the quote that Jodi posted is a legitimate one, but it was not what I meant when I wrote it. I am not at all an "enemy" to people who identify as culturally Deaf or choose to communicate/educate their children with sign langue. I am, however, an unapologetic "enemy" of anyone who insists that their way is the only way, and who uses their own views as an excuse to discriminate against others. It was to those type of people that my post was addressed. So, that's what I meant by the use of the term "enemy." I'm so sorry that you were offended and I hope that this clears things up. Writing is a constant process of revision, and I appreciate your constructive criticism -- I am working on improving my writing every single day!

Jodi and Abbie: Don't let the pink ruffles and hair bows fool you -- I've got a little bite in me, too! It doesn't come out too often, but when a "social justice" issue like this comes up, I just couldn't keep silent and still maintain a clean conscience.

Thanks, everyone, for your support of Deaf Village -- welcome to the neighborhood!