Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forget about "Balls"...It's Definitely PMS

There is more drama going on here than at one of my sister's Dyke Tea hours at the Hippo in downtown Baltimore. I would like to make one thing clear so that I am not accused of "hiding" information. Cochlear Italia, as I have already said, was so enthusiastic about RALLY CAPS that they paid for the translation and purchased 416 copies of the book (we obviously waived our royalties for those books) to be distributed in hospitals throughout Italy. They requested that I include their contact information as well as other relevant material on the back cover of the Italian edition. I now consider RALLY CAPS a valuable resource for who may be interested in a Cochlear Implant here in Italy where information is extremely scarce in the South, as confirmed by my former speech therapist this evening over a nutella milkshake.

I welcome the opportunity to advocate. I wear Rachel's CI awareness designs, Eva's cochlear necklace and spread the word every chance I get about Cochlear's Freedom, because it has changed our lives. I have never been given an Euro by Cochlear Italia, but we obviously have some sort of relationship forming, that I hope grows into a real love story.

Why is my situation different than Rachel's?

Taylor wrote:
...The blogger(s) may benefit in other ways, such as receiving a free trip, receiving a discount on the company’s product/service, or obtaining a scholarship.
Why should a "scholarship" be grounds for excommunication?

Some things just don't make sense to me. Maybe because it's 12:32 am, and I'm tired as hell. You know, I told a friend of mine I was thinking of becoming a lesbian, but I've since changed my mind - I couldn't handle being on the rag With my partner. I think I had the "balls" thing all wrong, maybe it's just that time of the month on deafread.com.


VBnBama said...

haha, where would we be w/out Jodi? I just want to know where you find these pictures...I mean a tampon w/shades, I've seen it all!

VBnBama said...

OR maybe eyeball, who cares, it's a tampon, you're so crazy!! love it

Valerie said...

I must be PMSing too! Oh my, Jodi you know how to get a situation in the right light. Balls, tampons, you name it! I'm still for neutering, get rid of the balls onces and for all!

I really need that picture of the tampon it rocks!

Dy said...

That tampon pic had me spitting coffee over my keyboard! Hilarious!

I have to ask though - what's the cochlear necklace you mention? I

Anonymous said...

Hey Dyniece!

Go to this site - http://www.mymagicfairy.com/

Click on SHOP NOW and then click on Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, or Rings. Lots of cool stuff there! I have a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings from that place!

You are too hysterical as always, Jodi! I was just cracking up by that picture!

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhhhh... I am menstruating now and this tampon blog... hahahaha...

Abbie said...


I just got my period on my first flight and I come back and I read this... Hysterical!!

Tammy the Tampon is a trademark for you now :)