Monday, June 2, 2008

Nervous Breakdown

Hmm. My post just posted without having been written. Damn nails. I must have clicked a button, have no idea which one, and off it went into blogland without a word written. Tonight, I'm in a rambling mood, chillin' and listening to Gianna Nannini. Love Gianna Nannini, loved her voice before I even understood a word she was singing. Do you realize that Italians listen to American music and have no idea what the lyrics mean? That's sad. Actually, in this period the lyrics of certain songs have taken on a new meaning, which is probably why I have iPod addiction.

Rough weekend, long weekend. I'm looking forward for the week to begin so I can finish my lessons and finally make it to June 7th, the book presentation. After the kidlings go to sleep I will finally have some time to write a speech and prepare. I am STRESSSSSSSSSED out, but hanging in.

The good news is that I've managed to wash all clothes. The bad news is that a couple of loads came out blue. I'm a hopeless case in the domestic department. That's okay, I like blue.

Yesterday, Sofia Madyson and I had a lunatic Mother, lunatic daughter day. She is just like her Mamma (poor girl). We went to play on this huge blow-up slide, ball pit, random toys complex thing. She was adorable in her little gray dress and busted lip that she got after falling off a table while dancing at a party. (Yeah, five and cube dancing...that's my girrrrrrrrl!) So, it was 12 on a Sunday morning and all the good little housewives of Grosseto were home preparing the big Sunday breakfast, we were playing. Sofia Madyson began sliding and having fun when two kids her age arrived, a boy and a girl. My princess went up to the two kids and tried to play with them. Bitch one and Ass two rejected my curly-haired wild child three times and as Bitch Mamma from Hell was about to get up and kick some five year old butt, Sofia did something extraordinary...

She whipped her little body around and went to play by herself. She earned Queen status in that moment and I was so PROUD of her independent self. (sofia - she just typed her name and says hi)This behavior was kind of shocking to me because Jordan would have attached himself to the two kids and cried had they not included him in their activities. Amazing how two kids can be so different, yet very similar.

Gotta go play Go Fish with my spectacular children.


VBnBama said...

this is the best! I love when you talk about her! Poor Brook is just like me too...I still love the post when you daughter had bad breath! I still laugh at that one.

K.L. said...

That is the most amazing part of all. How different each child is, right from the get-go. I have 3 kids, and each one is totally different. The goal of course, is to help them learn how to take their unique personalities and use them to their best advantage, avoiding the pitfalls in the process.

Anonymous said...

K.L. ..

You said, "How different each child is, right from the get-go."

Beautiful point, and one many "deaf experts" love to ignore.

Thank you for the comment - it is nice to see people recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all format or paradigm in terms of educating deaf children.

And Jodi .. love your posts, as usual.



PJP said...

I seriously get this. I feel like my two kids are pretty clear representations of my "2 sides"... Ben is my always smiling, outgoing, "cheerleader" personality while Bailey is my cautious, timid, introverted "leave me alone" personality... Yep, guess I just labeled myself a schizo... or worse... 2 faced!! :) ~Pamela

Naomi said...

Right there with you Pamela! My two are like chalk and cheese, one mr organised, serious academic, confident out going, one totally chaotic, not at interested in anything remotely academic, give him a guitar on the other hand!!

Love them both to bits but boy are they different!

Valerie said...

There is something about mothers and daughters. Jenna is just like me down to my little phrase - "Let me tell you something." She may look just like dad, but she is all mom. The only reason I have one child is, she is just like me, need I say more.

love these type of post.

K.L. said...

There is no single paradigm for educating ANY child. My second child has A.D.D. and I gotta tell you, that is way harder to deal with than my youngest's deafness. Mostly because of their personalities, and how they interact with the world. He is stubborn and will take no advice but his own. My deaf daughter is the most cooperative child in the world, and will do anything (except clean her room) you ask her to.

If we didn't take each child on their own merits, and individualize our way of raising each of them, we would have been sunk.

You are so right, that it is completely rediculous to try to treat and educate all children the same way. I really hate that box.