Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! NOW YOU KNEW I WAS GOING TO POST SOME OLD HALLOWEEN PICTURES CAUSE BY THE TIME I DOWNLOAD THE ONES FROM THIS YEAR IT WILL BE NEXT HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween!!! It is by far my favorite holiday. Our first year living in Grosseto, I realized they didn't celebrate Halloween in Italy when I dressed up Jordan as a smurf and myself as a witch and people kept giving us rude stares. Did I care? Heck no! I just marched my little smurf around town and smiled at all the rude stares. My how things have it's Halloween night at the disco, kids have begun "trick-or-treating," and I just went dressed up as a witch to teach my pre-school class. When I arrived, I was shocked! There were jack-o-lanterns, electric pumpkins, black cats and hanging toilet paper ghosts. A couple of kids were even dressed up as a warlock, werewolf and ghost. Today we have a Halloween party in the town center where kids will be running around spraying shaving cream and silly spray because they just can't take the CARNIVAl out of Halloween, they have to mix it in there...I'm not complaining, cause in eleven years in Italy, we have made some serious progress! BOO!


Unknown said...

Can you be more impressive? Advocate for the cochlear implant, champion Mom, and now a crusader for Halloween, too. You are sure a woman of many talents.
The blog is wonderful and I loved seeing all the pictures. Jordan is a "hottie" as the jr.high girls here would describe him and his latest hair cut is original and fun. Your Sofia is a beauty and I didn't know her middle name was Madyson. Cute spelling, by the way.
Sounds like you are making connections with other Moms and Dads and people concerned about hearing disabilities.
Taking my Mom for new hearing aides on Friday and she is absolutely flabbergasted that technology has helped Jordan and she has witnessed this advancement in her lifetime.
Well, my half hour is up so I have door duty for the Halloween kids. Saw tons of Spidermen and that is the most popular costume here. The little kids are the cutest and one little guy sat on our front porch to eat his Hersheys right there!
Happy November and can't believe we will be Christmas shopping soon.
Ciao, Bella,

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