Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Thoughts...Always Lead to Family

Today I received a letter from an "American Mom Living in Germany," and we bonded over similar cochlear implant experiences like the fact that we both were given our surgeons'cell phone numbers to contact in case of emergency, how ordering supplies for cis is cost-free and how the Government National Healthcare System takes care of our children. No, the system is not perfect, but when financial ramifications are taken out of the disability equation, one has time to focus one's energy where it needs to be, on the child.

I used to feel as though I had to explain my child to the world, I used to feel guilty that he could potentially create a disturbance in the classroom or "slow down" the rest of the children's academic spurt. I felt that way until the Director of Jordan's Elementary School took me aside at the fifth grade end of the year program and said this to me, "Jodi, having a child like Jordan mainstreamed in a classroom has truly helped the other students in his class, not only by making them more sensitive with respect to diversity, but because identifying his needs has made his teachers re-evaluate their teaching methodologies to the benefit of the entire class." (I'll admit, I got teary eyed)

Have I mentioned that I dig the Italian Health Care System and that Tuscany is a fine, non-competitive atmosphere to let a kid enjoy his childhood? The only thing missing here is the other side of our family, mine, so I'm attaching a photo to make them immediately a part of this blog! Thanks for reading...Jodi

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