Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Introducing......An American Mom in Tuscany and the Cochlear Implant

Hi Everyone!!!
I'm Jodi and this is my first official blog ever! I am the co-author of the children's book RALLY CAPS that was published in April 2007 (the other author is my dad). This book was inspired by my eleven year old son Jordan, who is deaf and wears a cochlear implant. I wanted to mainstream a strong deaf character in literature as my son is mainstreamed in public schools and life in general....IN GROSSETO! Grosseto is a town in Tuscany, Italy. I have chosen to write a blog because after so many years of teaching my deaf son to have a voice, I have neglected to use my own voice regarding how cochlear implants are changing lives. I feel extremely fortunate that my son is overcoming his disability and I would like all parents to know that the cochlear implant truly works.
To learn a little more about our story and to meet my incredible son (there is also a picture of my daughter Sofia) visit http://www.rallycaps.net/ciinfo.htm.
I look forward to writing and meeting new people curious about the cochlear implant and life in Tuscany.
Co-Author of RALLY CAPS
Mamma of Jordan 11 years old (Nucleus 24C FREEDOM upgrade left ear) and
Sofia Madyson aka "DRAMA" 4 years old

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monye said...


Let's try this again. Your blog is great. I'm very proud of you. But you are still a witch for not calling your mother more often. I love and miss my beautiful grandchildren. I hope all the children in the world who know nothing about a cochlear implant will have a chance now to learn through your experiences. You are doing great work. Keep up the good job.


Mom, Monye