Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy (?)

My mom and I decided to grab something to eat at the Diner. I was debating over whether or not to go for the chocolate shake with whipped cream-they give you the silver cup thing with it so you get extra milkshake...when the waitress arrived at the table.
She bounced to the table.
She bounced and smiled.
She bounced and smiled and said, "HOWDY LADIES, HOW Y'ALL DOIN'?"
Like happy like.
I looked at my mom and she looked at me.
We smiled, extra-big smiles at the waitress and said, "Um, fine and you?"
Barbara (I asked her her name) replied, "Just great and so happy to have a job! Here are the menus and I'll be right back to take your order! Now you ladies just take your time!"
I think she may have done a combination wink-smile-skip as she left the table.

I looked at my mom.
She looked at me.


So, that's what happiness looks like. I don't think I can remember the last time I actually saw an energized, bouncy person who ....smiled. Certainly an impossible find in Italy.

I didn't order the shake, I had coffee instead.
And by the end of the meal, Barbara had thoroughly exhausted me.
She remained happy the entire duration of our dining experience.


Anonymous said...

Jodi, sei grande!!!!!!!!!!! Ferdi

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my birthday, that is by far the most welcome present I will receive. Thank you. Ferdi