Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have this horrifying sensation of gloom and doom, so I decided to share to alleviate my agony.
Japan is heavy on my mind.
As are arthquakes, oil spills, tsunamis, nuclear disaster looming, cancer, starvation, Libya, high radiation levels in the water...

When I was a teenager I went about my business- sports, parties, freedom and independence.

Now as an adult, do I Forrest Gump it all away?

Or do I pop some more popcorn?
Spend an extra five minutes stealing morning hugs as I wake up my kids?
Offer help to another person in difficulty?

As E.E. Cummings wrote:
"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
I concur and that growth process requires communication, determination and an uncanny ability to swallow pride in order to overcome ego and focus on the love.

It also takes courage to live in Japan...they are the epitome of dignity.

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Anonymous said...

My God, how beautifully you express both pain and faith!

Thank you for sharing both with us.

It takes more than profound words to soothe pain; perhaps it takes pain to lead us to the truly profound.

God bless you and yours. Our prayers are with you all, along with our deepest admiration.