Thursday, March 24, 2011


I dislike just going through the motions.
I like emotions.

Sitting on the bus that transported a load of people from Terminal F to Terminal A, a 20 year old mother stepped aboard. All seats were filled. Three people immediately stood to let her sit.
In the corner of the bus, three teenage girls on their way to who knows where discussed sex with foul mouths.
Waiting for the plane, another woman started cussing on the telephone. As in everyday language.
For the first time, I realized how not elegant foul language appears to the common listener.
One thing about the USA...everyone's busy. People always have something to do, somewhere to go and something to eat.
I needed a dose of the USA.

My gram recognized me for the first time in a year. Last summer with Jordan and Sofia, we spoke about Jodi in third person. Nice change. She held hands with her friend Jake and it reminded me of my Pop, my grandparents never held hands, they just were the idea of hand-holding.
To me.

My mom and I lasted a week without fighting, well we almost fought about Target, but we got over it quickly. I had a week of Mother-Daughter time. We did yoga, ate all the time and went to get manicures and pedicures where we found another mother-daughter team doing the same. They probably do it twice a month- we do it twice a year. I smiled at them... a lot.

I hung out with my girlfriend Julie, Stepfather, my brother, his wife and their adorable baby Olivia. So funny to see him as a Dad, an amazing dad.
Then, my sister and I walked to SOHO but never made it because we stopped in a Starbucks to talk and talk. We do that twice a year.

Yes, I miss my family. No, it is not easy being here alone.
But, I am blessed, and I rarely go through the motions.
And now, it is time to get back to work.

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Debbie said...

Love you and miss you! So glad you had a fun time with your stateside family. Sounds like you soaked it all in and lived in the moment. Good on ya sista! xoxo