Sunday, January 31, 2010

Animal Instincts

Okay I try to kind of make you understand certain things without necessarily explaining them in every minute detail because some things are just not appropriate to share with the world even though I'm sure that so many people have been in my shoes and have lived this kind of thing that I'm living so I'm just gonna tell you what happened because like never in my entire life has anything like this happened and here it goes I was at my friend's house Sofia was watching tv and Jordan was in his friend's room doing the x-box thing so there I was sitting on the sofa talking to my friend who was sitting in a chair when all of a sudden her cat named Gray jumped on my lap stuck her tail in my face and did this scary-as-shit shaking thing so I jumped off the sofa and looked down the damn psycho cat peed all over my shirt I have never


And there is just only one reason I can think of for such behavior....I must be like exuding something animal-like and it is just so not my fault.

Although the good news of the day is that while my kids won't eat my lasagna, my dog goes crazy for it!


Stephen said...

At least you put a period (exclamation mark actually!)at the end of your "run on" sentence. It was effective - I know you did it on purpose!!!!!!!!!!! d
PS: Remember it's better to be "pissed off" than "pissed on!"

Anonymous said...

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kim said...

Something's wrong with that cat!

Anonymous said...

omg! If you were at my house, my cats would never do that to you! :)
debbie b