Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cracker Jacks

I smiled at a man.

I had a conversation with this man for twenty-five minutes.

He spoke for twenty of the twenty-five minutes and told me that if he were to give me a Native American name it would be "Heart that Smiles".

He told me I was the type of person who smiles even when suffering, and he asked me which of my parents passed down that trait to me. I said, "My Grandfather."
My heart moved.

He then told me about his father who had passed away recently. But he didn't just talk about his father, he relived a moment they had shared together with me.

Between us was a computer, it was a business meeting.

He turned the computer towards me and showed me pictures of his Tuscan villa, where he lives with his companion and dogs.

Every single thing this man said, came with a thirty second story that left me feeling...something. Something like a mixture of popcorn, cotton candy, cracker jacks and hot chocolate.

He said, "Jodi, tell me something about Jodi."

I said, "I have a 13 year old son named Jordan who is Deaf, and everything I do is based on how the experience of raising him has enriched me. I have the opportunity to help a lot of people." Then, I explained the projects I'm working on here in Italy.

I have to admit, I kind of liked and was proud of that description of Jodi, especially because it evolved from Jordan.

His face got serious and he said, "Jodi, I'd like to help you."

More gushy feeling inside.


It's easy being a rock when people don't touch the soft places.

Yesterday, we told our kids that they now have two houses, we took them to see their new house, explained the new rules and watched in amazement as they rolled with it.

Yesterday, I received an email from this man and I can't explain it, I don't understand it, but it came at just the right time. He ended his email to me with this Hindu Proverb:

Le sourire que tu envoies revient vers toi.

*The smile that you send comes back to you*


Anonymous said...

And 2010 is off to a great start! Happy New Year and may this year be all that you need it to be and so much more!


Unknown said...

Orla!!!!! Same to you, girlfriend, same to you...xoxo

Anonymous said...


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