Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life For Rent

I'm feeling kind of philosophical at this precise moment in time.
We always dream of more. More money, more fun, more freedom and more LIFE. Because the life that the person next door is living is so much more exciting than ours. They have the bigger car, prettier clothes, whiter teeth.


Are they happier than we are?

Here I am a single mom struggling to find some semblance of a routine. I wash clothes and dry them five times a day, take out the trash which requires a half a mile walk in the flippin' freezing cold, deal with egotistical bastards every single day...but I go to sleep and kiss my beautiful kids goodnight.

Do you think anyone would want to rent my life for a week?

We always want so badly to live the lives of the millionaire who drives a Lamborghini or the millionaire's wife who shops at Prada. It's all relative, I mean the Prada shopper is just as miserable as the obsessive Target shopper who spends every Saturday at Target. The person who pigs out on filet mignon is the same woman shoving Chili's nachos down her throat to fill the void.

Taking control of a life is close to impossible. External factors prohibit total control. But when one too many egotistical bastards get in your face, we as women reach our limit and finally, finally after making choice after choice and battling struggle after struggle... snap.
And we learn to say,

With a *Smile*

And just to savor that moment after so many moments of suffering, questioning, wondering, reflecting and debating, I am so sure that 99% of the women out there who have been made to feel like less than what they are, 99% would have rented my life to have lived that precise moment.


Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I love to read articles like that. BTW add more pics :)

Jo (Australia) said...

Another brilliant post! You go girl and savour the moment! Sometimes ego maniacs just need to be told. Would have loved to see you in action. Hope your well and stay strong. Lots of love Joxx :)

Julia said...

I love Mae West!!! "Now he was her man, but he came up to see me sometime. I lived six floors up and he sure seemed willing to climb!"

Unknown said...

Jo...hope all's well xoxo
Julia why am I not surprised!!! Love Mae West- whatta woman:-) She spoke her mind.