Monday, May 18, 2009

Cal Ripken Jr. and My Dad...

Well, during our English lesson the other day, I asked Jordan what book he was reading. He said, "I'm not reading a book right now." I asked, "Why not, adorable son?" He said, "I'm waiting for the sequel to RALLY CAPS."


Gosh that was a bizarre thing to hear come out of his mouth.


Then a couple of days later, my dad sent me this picture of Cal and him together at a charity banquet, where one year later, Dad had the chance to thank Cal in person for his endorsement...Here they are!


Check out the new RALLY CAPS Media Page when you have a minute...Night night


Anne said...

Holy cow, is Cal Ripken tall! Jodi, you are very tall, so if your dad is anything like you, Ripken is a giant!

Stephen said...

I am 5'6" and Cal is something like 6'4" - he really towers over me....Niki said "Dad, Cal's a whole head taller than you!" haha...but what a class act and genuine great guy! Jodi is
5'9.5" and would have looked much better next to the "Iron Man!" Thanks for posting, Jo! LuvU

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You lucky dog! Being a 5'6" is beeeeeyou-tee-fuuuuuul! Let any tall women beat and kiss you! ;-)

White Ghost

deb b said...

wow!!!! Cal Ripken in Person!!