Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot as a Mother in Tuscany!


Okay. My eye has officially begun twitching. I'm a stress-case from hell and things are only getting worse. The Italian blog has started to take off and I think I may be making friends. We are about to launch the Italian Pediatric Federation Audiological Website and on-line questionnaire, and Jordan just made a video to do so. I'll be cc-in' it in English for tomorrow (shhh, don't tell anyone). Michele is recovering nicely in Florence and his mom is enjoying her hot shower at home once again. No, my friends, no private bathrooms in the hospital rooms- it's shower without a lock on the door and pray no one comes to chat.

Here in Tuscany it's hot as a mother (smile), so what must a mother and daughter do? Go shopping for sandals. I took Sofia Madyson out for some new pretty sandals and the first shop I took her to had a line of twenty frustrated and sweaty moms, so we left. On our way out the door,the familiar sound rang out, "Mommmmmmmmmmy, I have to go potty!"
I said, "Sofia, there are no potties here. We are in ITALY!"
Sofia responded, "Just find me a tree."

(What can I say- it's been a long day. By the way, Sofia came home with two new pairs of glittery sandals...such a princess!)


Stephen said...

My stressed out daughter: Y r u so tan and the kiddies are NOT??? dad
PS: Congrats on the Italian blog...wish I could read it....haha!
PSS: Start packing for Bmore by putting MY clothes in your suitcase or u will be in BIG trouble...(white tee, polo etc) PLEEEZZZZZZZZZE!

Unknown said...

I know, it looks kind of strange, doesn't it? The reason for the two tones is that my adorable children would rather spend Sunday at their grandma's house than the beach. I refuse. Keep reminding me- my head's kind of out there.

Debbie said...

You look gorgeous!!!!! When are you coming into Balto? I'll probably be there around the 25th of June or so -- when Amelia's school let's out. I'd love to see you!!! We're in the waiting room at NYU waiting for the 1st of Amelia's 3 procedures to be finished so we can get an update from the doc.

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie,
Stay cool, she will be fine- she's in the best of hands or you would never have chosen them..knowing you:))
I'm thinking of you - keep me posted...
I'll be in Baltimore from July 3rd- Aug. 1st. Please, please come to town, I need to shnuggle that girl and drink with her mommy.
Hugs and breathe,