Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shhh! (Unofficial Announcement) Jordan Speaks

It's so strange to write blogs in different languages and tell secrets on each blog about things that happen in the different countries. I've lost my mind to the point that I now write messages to my American friends in Italian and my Italian friends in English. In any case, the new Pediatric Audiology Network is on line and since I don't know if I have permission to spread the news in Italy...I'm spreading it just a little here.

Pediatricians in all of Italy got the heads up and already various regions have reported in requesting assistance to create a Newborn Hearing Screening Program in their region or to better develop the existing one. Yes, it's time to take on Italy.
I asked Jordan to create a video announcing the Network. Here it is with the English Translation:

I would also like to draw your attention to this video that was posted by an Italian Deaf Blogger: Giuseppe Nazzareno
He asked the following questions:
1. Doctors and parent associations of deaf children like the FIADDA (AgBell equivalent) try to make deaf people become hearing with the cochlear implant and these implanted deaf children continue to use sign language. Why?
2. Are these implanted Deaf people part of "Deafhood?"

*Take it away English speakers...*


Anonymous said...

Loved the video Giuseppe made...shows that there are people with CIs that continue or will learn and use sign language. Friendly and non-defensive video. would be interesting to see responses.
As for me, I have the best of both worlds...the ability to hear/speak and to use ASL. Because I grew up in deaf family/culture...that is my culture. As for deafhood...I haven't paid much attention to it so won't comment. As I've said, depends on the environment, attitude, willingness to accept and learn ASL...each child will have different experiences. I've always felt that the more you can expose the child to various communication couldn't be bad for them.

Jordan becoming quite the famous vlogger now!! And a handsome one he is!!!


PolyglotMom said...

So excited for your work in Italy! Love the YouTube video too, thanks for sharing! They can co-exist!

Unknown said...

I feel that we still can communicate and love Sign Language without cochlear implants!

Not need cochlear implants! - I am happy!

Anne said...

I love Jordan's Tuscan accent. How cute is that?!

He speaks really well, Jodi. You must feel very proud!

Anonymous said...

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