Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Magic (by Shel Silverstein)

Sandra's seen a leprechaun,

Eddie touched a troll,

Laurie danced with witches once,

Charlie found some goblins' gold.

Donald heard a mermaid sing,

Susy spied an elf,

But all the magic I have known

I've had to make myself.


Debbie said...

Sweet girl! They look so tender and helpless when they sleep...and then they wake up and it's "GAME ON".

Unknown said...

Ain't that the truth...still recuperating from Amelia's video...hugs and lipsticky kisses

Naomi said...

oh too cute!

tammy said...

I just love the sleeping pics. Pure innocence at its best!

elizabeth embracing life said...

The only thing I think of when they are so preciously asleep is that they are RE-FUELING!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tammy, Naomi and Elizabeth (btw-beautiful family - I had a nose piercing too!)

Abbie said...

She is so cute...

True divas wear lip gloss to bed :)