Monday, October 6, 2008


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I need a mental release, been way too pent up, bent outta shape, stressed to the max and PMS, so the time has finally come to post about LOLA, my lunatic cat. First, I need to say that Jordan came home from the Mercatino Dei Ragazzi, a huge charity event in Grosseto where a million kids run around selling used toys for money-Spectacular, with 35 incense sticks. He's obsessed with the odor of incense and now my neighbors are convinced I smoke marijuana.


Three months ago while Luca and I were in the midst of our marital crisis and the world was all wrong, I saw my kids suffering. So, when this adorable little cat popped up on our doorstep only to belong to another child, causing my kids to cry in agony, I decided to hunt for a new kitten.

Along came LOLA.

Lola was miniscule when she arrived, and she used to sleep between my legs until she would wake up at about four in the morning to torture me by biting my toes. Then, I left for Dublin for fifteen days, during which time Luca returned home and remained. *smile*

Just like any other female, Lola is such a fickle little girl. She went from sleeping with me to sleeping with Luca. Such a hobag. There is only one problem, while with me she only purred, she is kind of attached to Luca in a different way.

Instead of the four in the morning toe bite, she begins licking and licking and licking...Luca.
You can only imagine the conversations Luca and I have about this, um, little fetish of Lola's.

You see, animals are excellent therapy tools. We have always had cats that have loved Jordan. When he was super frustrated, he would come home from school, fling Lucky over his shoulder, stalk into his bedroom and cuddle with the cat, who was I have no doubt sent by God. Lucky used to sleep on Jordan's head and sit on his notebook while we did homework together. Lola has that same kid-loving disposition.


Yesterday, on the way to the Mercatino Dei Ragazzi, Jordan says, "Mom...ya know what Lola did last night???"


Naomi said...

oh man cracking up here!! Too funny. Would love to have been a fly on the wall for the rest of THAT conversation lol

K.L. said...

I never thought anyone would need to have the talk about the birds the bees and the slut cat!

Good luck with that one.

Unknown said...

Oh....MY....GOD!!! You did not just say THAT! ROTFL AND PEEING IN MY PANTS!