Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boobs (not for kidlings or professionals)

I cannot tell a lie. I am SHAKIN' MY THANG as I type this..and, just got my hair done (redder).*smile*
I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. I am in the process of being taken seriously as a professional and people kind of find my blog as a reference point. So, I feel like I need to moderate the tone...then again...
I'm still in that "trying to find myself as a woman" phase, so I must be uncensored.
Now that there is the Ci Circle Blog, I feel like I can let my hair down a little more here, so this blog entry is going to be about...

Luca and I were discussing plastic surgery the other day, and I informed him that my boobs would be the first body part touched should the opportunity "arise." Now, boobs come in many shapes and sizes, and while the general situation in the USA is this:
The situation in Italy is this:

Okay, let's talk mamma to mother- the stuff just ain't the same after two kids. While my husband is satisfied with the material, because...love is blind,I'm not quite certain I'm satisfied with the twins.

Thanks to the Goddess Boobette and her disciple Victoria, we have options to kind of manipulate the ladies in various postitions and heights. I find that extremely comforting.

Anyway, an interesting thing happened last week as I was teaching two young, male students. We were seated around a square table. I was in the middle and they were to my sides. You know how back in the day you would meet a scuzzy guy and they were unable to make eye contact, but would flat out STARE!!!???? There I was, being a serious teacher, explaining some grammar-related concept, when all of a sudden both boys started STARING. I thought I had something on my shirt-I swear. Then, they started laughing and pointing and said something about bouncing balls.
I flushed and pulled out Go Fish.

What can I say?

Boys will be Men...one day.
Think I could write off a boob job for professional motives?


Debbie said...

I am totally with you sister. I have said daily since I stopped pumping for Amelia (1 year tied to an indutrial breast pump) that I would like to push out one more puppy and then take the girls out for a lift. I don't want bigger --just -- perkier. I would love to NOT feel the wet pooling sensation, of sweat under my breasts on hot days. No bra gives them the support they need or crave...everything just slips away or up. I'm very unsatisfied with this new vessel I've been left with. I've been "Mommified". Remember that old sketch on Saturday Night Live "because you're not a woman, you're a MOM. MOM JEANS". I live that now!

Unknown said...

Yeah, the sweat thing sucks!

tammy said...

I'm with ya ... especially after feeding THREE kids! I did the pencil test the other day, in front of my husband, and then asked him to go work over time for ME and my saggin' pups ... we need a good lift! : )