Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jordan's My Hero-Check out the Video!

Introducing, which you may have noticed on my sidebar. I received a letter from Geoffrey Rutledge, MD, PhD, the Chief Medical Information Officer on the precise morning I left to go to the NHS 2008 in Cernobbio and have been on their bloggers' list ever since:

One of the keys to Wellsphere’s success is the breadth of knowledge across its network of experts and experienced health writers, and within its caring community. Wellsphere’s network of writers and bloggers includes almost 1,500 of the leading medical minds from Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and other top Medical Schools, as well as patients facing difficult diseases who bravely share their stories of survival. Wellsphere is extremely selective in admitting writers into its network, ensuring that they are highly credible, eloquent, and caring. By creating such an extensive writer network, Wellsphere is able to connect users with a variety of personal and medical perspectives on any health issue.

In addition to expert and patient articles, WellPages present a holistic view, including relevant news, articles, videos and pictures from reliable sources ranging from the FDA and Harvard Medical School to leading health and fitness magazines. Instead of having to spend hours visiting many different websites to get a complete answer to their health concerns, users can instantly get a complete picture within seconds.

*Harvard, Stanford...and little old me-lol*

Let me just say that they are using not only one of the most intelligent marketing strategies I have ever seen by continuously motivating their bloggers with things all bloggers love-badges, pins, awards, but they have truly created a powerhouse of an informative site on gazillions of topics in health care, including a Hearing Loss community. Rachel, Drew's Dad, Tiffani-Riley's Mom and Abbie are a few of the other bloggers picked up by their site.

So...when I received this little email, I was very excited:

We are excited to recognize you in our new YES, WE CARE! Campaign that honors everyday heroes, like you, who put themselves on the front lines in the quest for a healthier, happier world by spending their time and putting their hearts and souls into helping others in need. We’re particularly excited to have this chance to honor you, for dedicating your time and writing to help people improve their health and well-being. We've nominated YOU as one of our Everyday Heroes!

They requested that I send them a video...(thanks to Val, I was able to do this-my very own first attempt at closed-captioning-Rachel will be proud)

Note: When I asked my husband what it felt like to sleep with a hero...he just rolled his eyes. ROTFL.


Drew's Mom said...


We were nominated for this too, we just didn't know what it is. Do you know anything about it or have more information?

Anonymous said...

awesome! and beautiful place too!! thanks for sharing with us :) \../,

Unknown said...

Hi Drew's Mom,
Okay, first of all, it's obviously a nice and appreciated email to receive. Second of all, it was an opportunity to create a video and bring more attention to Choices in Deafness for those who may view the finished product.
Wellsphere has something like 1800 bloggers contributing to their website, so you can imagine if 1800bloggers blog on this email received-that's a helluva lot of publicity.
They are very intelligent over there at WELLSPHERE, but they are also providing a valid service in drawing attention to issues in healthcare, and I like them.

So, just like they recognized us for our blog contributions, I am in turn recognizing them for their intelligent website.
See ya there...Hugs, Jodi

Thanks Cheryl!!!! Just a little bit of a Tuscan view *smile*

Stephen said...

CONGRATULATIONS, JO!!!!! U R my hero!! LuvUdad

Anonymous said...

Awwwww.....hero. That's a a good example.

Hero taught you to set an example to pursue the campaign that you teach people about the choices for the CIs......and acceptation is the key.

Congratulations, Girl.

Your'e mine. ;-)

White Ghost

Unknown said...

Thanks Dad and White sweet.

Mom to Toes said...

I was also "nominated" and have been receiving emails from Dr. Rutteledge for almost a year now asking me to join wellsphere. I have been trying to figure out if it's spam or not.

I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one. ;)

Mom to Toes said...

Ooops... I mis-spoke. I actually got my first email from Dr. R in May. Not quite a year. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Mom to Toes!
Have you sent Val your pix? Join Wellsphere...the more the merrier!
Kiss that adorable Toes. Jodi

Debbie said...

Congrats Jodi! As you well know, it's always great to be part a something bigger than yourself. To be invited into a community of people like-minded as you are, is what we all crave.

Also, the subtitles were great for me because here, at the Ronald McDonald House on lovely Long Island, their computers have no speakers. I was able to enjoy your message without the sound. Hmmm, ironic, no?

And to answer the question you left on "Amazing Amelia" -- there are some clinical trials going on with HBOT, but when I called, Amelia was too young for consideration. Plus, she can't go into the chamber alone because she still has issues with her secretions (I dive with her) and that complicates things too. As far as online support groups I've got my blogger Moms (one of whom lives in NY and we do speak and see each other often)-- who are huge, wonderful supports and a site at in which there all kinds of online groups. If you get on there look me screen name is "Swanhill".

Anonymous said...


The constant change of colors on your blog lately is cool!

And congrats! Cool video - thanks for the subtitles, too.

Rock on!



Anonymous said...

It's so cool to see you guys on video! Way to go on the captioning and congrats on the Wellsphere!

VBnBama said...

Toes hasn't sent me the blurb or photos unless I missed them (hint).
And have you lost more weight Jodi? All of you hot mamas are gonna cause me to walk an extra mile today! love it. (yea, you too Jennifer! I see ya up there w/Drew)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to view the video until now. Nice! And the view over there is awesome. Congrats on being nominated as well as congrats to all of the other bloggers that got nominated as well. I had never heard of Wellsphere until now, so, because of your publicity, I will check them out!



Karen Mayes said...

Lovely video!

Beautiful background, also...

Congratulations :o)

Unknown said...

Debbie, there's also a ci group on cafemom, I'm not very active there, but I will check you out when I go...kiss AMELIAAAAAAAAA!
Paotie, thanks, just went red *smile*
Karen...hey girlllll!
Karen M....thank you
Val, actually I ate a pint of cookies and cream over the past three days of web-related stress
Candy...I left you a comment on today's blog, girlfriend.

Abbie said...

Awesome! It is so nice to finally put you and your hero in motion picture :) I was nominated for this award to but I didn't have the chance to get around to it. I will be looking forward to seeing this on Wellsphere :)