Monday, June 13, 2011

8 Years Old

Yesterday, Sofia had a class with an Italian voice-dubberer. In Italy all of the American/Foreign actors' and actresses' voices are dubbed over by Italians. This man has a long history of films like "Kramer vs. Kramer", "The Shining", etc. He dubs Millhouse of "The Simpsons". There was a one hour meet-the-guy session, and he was extremely interesting and down-to-earth. He took questions from the audience, and just when he was about to finish, I glanced to the right and saw Sofia's hand shoot up.
I stopped breathing.
Sofia is in the I-never-know-what-is-going-to-come-out-of-her-mouth phase.
Davide Lepore smiled and said, "Yes, little girl, what is your name?"
Sofia replied, "Sofia."
Then, (45 seconds of non-breathing) she asked, "What do you FEEL when you act?"
He replied, "Free, I feel free."
Sofia smiled.
I smiled.
Everyone smiled.
And I began breathing once again.

Who knows what flits around her head. Who knows what she's thinking at any given moment at any given time.

I love not knowing, and always being surprised. In the good and the nasty.

She can be conniving, she sleeps in a swimcap and she clicks around the house in heels. And she is mine.

When I watch her breathe as she sleeps, and reach over to steal kisses on her cheeks, I wish for miraculous moments for her future. And as I observe my little girl, who can sometimes be anxious, and other times fearless, I see myself.

I kind of remember being 8 years old. My teacher was Ms. Abramowitz, and I kissed Keith Friedman on the cheek at the lunch table, which got me sent directly to the punishment table. Other than that, and endless renditions of "One"! with Hallie and Amy, I was pretty calm.

I do remember having a crush on Speedracer and believing in love.
Some things never change.

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Debbie said...

So funny! I can't wait for the roles to turn around and Sophia is holding her breath every time you go to speak!!! Ah, motherhood;)