Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jordan had an assignment to complete.
He chose not to complete the assignment.
His support teacher got angry, considering she's been helping him the entire year.
He let her down.
They called me from school yesterday, three times.
I spoke to Jordan, and he told me he didn't care, he wasn't going to do it.
I had two meeting yesterday that I had to attend, so I called Luca.
Luca said not to worry, he'd take care of it.
So, they went and got the materials needed- Jordan had to complete 10 technical drawings.
Jordan completed two of the ten. He said he had no idea how to do the rest.
I picked him up from Luca's and took him home.
For the rest of the night, he pleaded with me to call his support teacher to explain to her...something.
I said NO.
He tried in every possible way to convince me.
I said, "NO. I help you when I see that you really commit to what needs to be done. You knew about the assignment and CHOSE not to complete it. You're on your own."
He went to school this morning.
His support teacher wasn't there.
His Technical teacher wasn't there.
He decided to ask a woman for assistance, who told him where the teacher's locker was located.
He deposited his completed work in the locker.
I picked him up from school, and when he got in the car he smiled.
He said, "Mom, I handled it."
Bring on the summer! we come:-)


Anonymous said...

Way to stand strong, "Mom!" :) I'm sure your child learned a valuable lesson in independence and self-motivation, which is empowering! I found you blog on I look forward to reading more!

Debbie said...

OMG Jodi, I had that same conversation with my Mom about 25 years ago. You handled it superbly, my dear. Safe home to MD -- so sad I won't be there to see you.