Friday, July 10, 2009

Amazing Amelia...IN PERSON!

I have known Debbie since high school and a mutual friend told me about her blog about a year ago. I have been following Amazing Amelia's story since then. Finally, after about fourteen years, since I last saw Debbie, I got to meet them in person. Amelia has cerebral palsy and Debbie's blog is a wealth of information. Reading the blog and living the dynamic Mom and daughter duo are two completely different things.

I hung out with Debbie and her hot (famous-but-you'd-never-know-it)husband Nestor over homemade chocolate brownies that her mom had made and we reminisced about our trip to Italy about twenty years ago. Now we are old Mammas taking care of our incredible kids.

When Amelia woke up, I followed Debbie upstairs and met the star in person. She is a lot bigger and even more beautiful face to face. She was a little scared of me when she met me, I think she thought I was another doctor ready to visit her. I watched as Debbie inserted a tube that serves as a burper because Amelia can't do that herself and this is part of the procedure Debbie goes through before Amelia can eat. She put the best of doctors to shame with her skills and strong yet loving way of taking care of her girl.

Then we went back downstairs to chat and Amelia watched the "Backyardigans" (I think, I'm new to this American tv stuff) with her legs daintily crossed...such a little woman!

Debbie is an inspiring and special mom. She is intuitive and knows Amelia's every need before Amelia can even blink. I love them both...


Debbie said...

We love you too Jodi. Thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out again...when you could have really gotten to know Miss A. It's hard to get to know her when the all-powerful "Backyardigans"(yes, you got it right!)is on. Her world falls away and only those five 3-D animated cartoons exist. Maybe a trip to NYC???

I'm lovin hearing about all your adventures in MD. I feel for you over the language barrier. With Amelia being non-verbal, we run into some similar situations. I don't know what every sound and cry means -- but I know better than most. Keep having fun down there and I hope to get to see you again before you take off!

Anonymous said...

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