Friday, July 24, 2009

Fortune Cookies

Well, we hit the Chinese Food/Sushi buffet last night as I pack on the pounds and a good time was had by all. Of the entire buffet, Jordan had Wonton Soup. His eating habits drive me crazy especially considering all we do here is eat and shop with an occasional 3D movie thrown in.

In my quest for Zen, I found the following fortunes interesting...
*The major value in life is not in what you get, but in what you become
*Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother
*There are plenty of promises and hope floating around you
*Life is a gift, don't waste it
*Take a very long walk to burn off all the Chinese food you ate
*Respect for others is peace. Respect for yourself is happiness
*The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

There were about ten more because we each grabbed a handful on our way out, but these will suffice for now.

I like the last one, I find it applicable. Jordan and I had a long conversation last night after Sofia fell asleep. We talked Mamma to little man about really deep life issues. It wasn't the fact that he could speak verbally to me, because Deaf children who don't speak, sign and can have heart to hearts with their parents, just like we did. It was the fact that he is now old enough to discuss delicate issues, to process them and elaborate them. And here we go back to the subject of Concrete vs. Abstract. He has all the tools he needs and now they finally have come together.

We talked about his past loves, different types of love and past pets. Such an amazing feeling to be able to reach a certain level of conversation with my twelve almost thirteen year old child.

On the other hand, he is stubborn as hell and drives me crazy...

*Smile...I am the luckiest*


Dianrez said...

In teaching, social services and motherhood, this is my favorite age range! Between 11 and 14. At this age children are beginning to THINK and the thoughts they come up with are simply amazing. Have fun, it's such a joy!

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