Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Hungry Soul

Sometimes life requires that you make certain decisions.
And your choices are limited between two possibilities.
To risk or not to risk.
Many times we are so torn between two agonizing decisions that we fail to see the third road.

There's the responsible, do-the-right-thing, please everyone around you and float on the calm sea choice;
then there's the deviate from the norm, follow your primordial instincts, sacrifice your values choice.

Perhaps in the end, road number three requires the most patience, the greatest determination and not only faith in love, but faith in yourself.
Road number three is freedom.
Freedom to unconditionally love, count the minutes in an hour as your own, not take a shower before going to bed, grow your leg hair til it curls and take your child out of school a half an hour early just to get a piece of pizza.

Road number three is despairing for five minutes of that hour, only to spend the remaining 55 walking around the Medieval town center with your daughter who swings the two new pretty pink books she bought entitled "Princess Sofia in the Silver Tower" and "Princess Sofia and the Snow Party", while sharing 6 flavors of the rain.

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