Sunday, April 10, 2011


You know those periods where everytime your kids ask you something the answer is "NO!"
I found myself saying that dreaded word over and over again because of work. Because I have NO time, NO energy, NO desire.

I decided to get over myself and told Jordan he could have some friends over.
His face lit up and the messages started flying on facebook.

Last night they arrived armed with plastic rifles, guitars and an amplifier.
Girls in the first year of high school are interested in Senior guys. Jordan's friends are still playing war. Must be a boy thing.

At a certain point, I had to go to get the pizza for the party. Sofia was safe and secure at a neighbor's house. I told Jordan and his friends to be good for the 15 minutes I would be gone. One of his friends asked me for a lighter so he could turn on the gas and blow up the house. I smiled. And left.

On my way to going to get the pizza, I see Jordan crossing the street to go to a friend's house. I stop my car in the middle of the street, bawl him out and send him home. He calls five minutes later asking if he could go to his friend's house to get two games. I say, "Um, NO:-), DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS ALONE IN MY HOUSE!"


I reach the pizzeria and Luca calls. He used to be a paratrooper in the Italian army and decided he wanted to start jumping from airplanes after twenty years. He's still alive.

I got the pizza and as I open my car door, the cell rings: "Mommy, I'm gonna throw up! I came home and Jordan's friends are playing the electric guitar, it's busting my ears!!"

I told Sofia to hide in the bedroom, I was coming.

When I arrived, they were all standing outside the gate with hunger in their eyes.
I unloaded the pizza, grabbed Sofia and we hid in my bedroom for the rest of the party. Every now and then, Jordan would come in my bedroom and say thank you Mom.

Sofia and I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She fell asleep in her clothes because she was too embarrassed to wear her pyjamas in front of Jordan's friends. When everyone finally left- and I will say that high school students smell better than middle school students- Jordan came into my bedroom and hugged me.

Welcome to the land of Yes.

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