Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last Friday, I went to Pisa to meet with a family interested in the cochlear implant. I met the mom, dad and baby Tommaso. Tommaso was diagnosed just like Jordan when his pediatrician performed a routine ring-the-bell-behind-the-ear type test and then the doubts and tests ensued. Only every time the family took Tommaso to have his hearing tested, the people behind the counter would say- "Look at him! He's so alert and active, there's no way he's deaf!" So, the mom left and ran some errands.
People should just shut up sometimes.
Nine months passed.
Doubts and worries pounded the family. They insisted and Tommaso was finally tested.
He was diagnosed with a profound bilateral hearing loss.
One day later, the mom found out she was pregnant with her second child.

When I go to Pisa to meet with a family, I never know what type of situation I'll find. They were amazing. Tommaso- alert, active and adorable. His parents knew every single thing possible and imaginable about their son's abilities and difficulties...both of his parents- Dad and Mom.

For the first time, I left a family thinking, that little boy will be okay. And so will his sister. Tommaso will have the surgery at the end of August and the family is moving forward...and growing.

Me...I'm packing up my kids and heading to Baltimore.
Next blog will be from the USA...where my kids will be with my family for the first time in a year.
A year is a long, long time.


Sue Pietersen said...

Hi just seen your blog. My son is also profoundly deaf.

Nobody would listen to us in the beginning when we wanted to get his hearing tested.

It is a very rewarding handicap to work with.

cribs said...

Having a child with difficulties is hard. But with the help of your whole family everything is going to be easy. Have faith in god.