Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Must Be the Change in the Weather..

Jordan: Mammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm home!!! Pyjama party!!!!!
I look at him like what??
Jordan opens his knapsack and pulls out his pyjama top.
Mamma: Why do you have your pyjama top in your knapsack?
Jordan: Buahahahahahahaha.
Mamma: ??????????????????????
Jordan: I took my jacket off during the break because it was hot and as I was eating two of my friends came up to me and asked, "What are you wearing?" When the third person asked me, I looked down and realized I had my pyjama top on. I ran to the bathroom, took it off, kept my undershirt on and put my jacket back on for the rest of the day.
Mamma: Impossible.

Nothing is impossible.


Debbie said...

Hahahahahah!!!!!! That's like that nightmare every kid has of forgetting to put your pants on...well, maybe not that bad. Go Jordan! Nice thinking on his feet. I have been known to wear my pj top out too. He's in good company;)

Unknown said...

Debbie...........California?! I read the post but I can't remember if the comment went through...exciting times ahead girlfriend.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!