Friday, February 12, 2010


So, I brake and wait to yield to the oncoming cars when WHAM! I get smashed from the rear. I sit in my car and think...AGAIN!!!!!!!!! This would be the third time in a year I've been hit in the sit still position. I see the culprit approach me and he starts yelling at me, "You started to move forward and then stopped!!!! There's no damage to your car. You moved!"
I stared at him. Sat there for another forty seconds and opened my door, my seatbelt was still on. I said, "First of all I was not moving, nor did I move. Second of all, YOU just smashed into my car, so change the tone of your voice. Considering you just whacked me, I need a second." I closed my car door and sat there another ten seconds as I gave him the slime look.
When I opened my door for the second time, his tone changed and he became more apologetic. (asshole) He asked me if I was okay, apologized for talking about my car first before asking me how I was and called his daughter to make it seem like he was a good guy. (asshole)
I decided not to call the police, pulled over to the side and he gave me his information. It took me another ten minutes to pull myself together.

I thought to myself, "Well, who should I call first?"

*No one*

I spent the morning in the emergency room, alone. As I was sitting in the room waiting to have my x-rays done, a ninety year old man lying in a hospital bed in the middle of the waiting room flagged down one of the technicians and whispered, "Excuse me, sir, please have patience with a ninety year old man, but I'm feeling kind of scared and I was wondering if you could please call my wife to stay here with me. I don't want to break down, but I don't feel well all of a sudden."

The technician (half-asshole) said, "Well, we don't usually allow this type of thing, but I'll go get your wife."

I was holding my breath.

The technician returned with this adorable elderly woman who looked fresh from the beauty parlor and you should have seen that man's eyes light up when he saw her...his saviour, his anchor, his wife.

I smiled through the flood.


K.L. said...

Poor Jodi, This is certainly something you don't need right now. I hope you only got bumps and bruises, and not something more serious. I hope you heal quickly. Pain meds are your friends. (((hugs))

Stephen said...

Next time call the police and get the accident on record so the "asshole" doesn't come back and say it was YOUR fault. Can't trust anyone these days u know!? Glad u r okay! LuvUd

Jo (Australia) said...

Hi Jodi, I hope your ok and not too shaken. You really don't need nor deserve this right now. Just know you are not alone, there are people thinking of you and wishing you only well. Reading this broke my heart, for you, for that man, for the ignorance and arrogance that is SOME or should I say MOST Italian many positives about that country...yet so many sad...
Take care, Un abbraccio forte Jo xx

Debbi said...

Jodi you always observe the silver lining in the freaking big storm clouds that hover overhead. Hope you feel better soon and that your exam resulted in nothing more than a few bumps and bruises which quickly heal. Also, DO call the police...the really nice man that hit me when I was 18 years old (in the rain and fog with no lights on) sued ME a year later. Lesson learned the hard way.

Anonymous said...

aww JODI that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow how bittersweet seeing that couple.. I have not called the police before too.. Its hard sometimes.. Hows the car? a lot of damage???

Unknown said...

Thank you...pain meds are my friend:-) xoxo