Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rachel and the Italian Asshole

I'm on Luca's archaic work computer because my internet has been down for six days. FRUSTRATED! I have so much to say and five minutes until some pop-up on his computer erases what I've written. Typing my ass off, right now.
I miss Rachel.
The Italian guy was a first class Asshole. He called Friday night to try to get together, but we were in Siena, Pienza and Montalcino drinking Brunello and eating pecorino cheese with honey. Then, he called Saturday morning (motivated, wasn't he?)and asked to meet us at the beach. Me, being the naive American that I am trusted that I could leave Rachel alone in the water with a guy and his friend in broad daylight. I underestimated the asshole-ability of an Italian guy. If I ever run into him again, I'll pop him in the nose. He tried to kiss her. Imagine that. Rachel blew him off and broke his heart.


I will say this. When we met the guy and his friends at the outdoor pub, Rachel had her hair down, so that her processors were not visible. Not one of the group suspected that she might be deaf. I kind of watched the scene in wonder and curiosity.
On Saturday at the beach, Rachel had her hair in ponytail. When the guys arrived and suggested they go for a swim (assholes), Rachel told me that I needed to explain to them that she was deaf and that they would need to speak to her so that she could read their lips. *smile*
My reply: Rachel, I'll tell them, but the point is kind of irrelevant considering you won't be able to understand each other anyway.
Asshole took the lipreading thing a little too seriously.
Anyway, as I have been saying throughout my blog, living in a foreign country and not understanding or being able to communicate in its language is very similar to being deaf.
The guy apparently decided that body language was the correct approach given the situation.
Rachel shot him down.
She is a princess.

Thank you for your post and the beautiful things you had to say about my family. I miss you already, my car seems empty without your calming presence amidst my freaking lunatic children. *smile* I learned a lot from you, appreciated your calm and deep way of viewing the world and life in Tuscany, and Loved watching Sound and Fury with you, somehow that just seemed right.
(Young) Aunt Jodi and Fam.

And this...is ART.

Next guest...my dad's comin' to town (God help me!)


Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...

Excellent photos! Wjat a lovely family you have! Your son is a doll! I can see from the photos that Rachel had a terrific hostess like you. Viewing your photos has already made me feel homesick for the Mediterranean!

Jean Boutcher

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Was that a different song while the photos were playing?

Rhonda said...

Jodi, Tried to email you a few times and your inbox is full. I see you have been busy. I miss you guys and I think that Rachel was a blessing for you all. Her portrayal of our little maremma and your family is absolutely touching. Give Luca and the kids a kiss from me and tell everyone we are just fine. Everything happens for a reason. You just need to figure the reason out sometimes. Love, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your posts on Rachel's visit and her great photos. Your kids are really beautiful and the shot of Jordan and the cutie in the bikini really illustrated his sweet interest in girls. You can see his chest puffing out in pride! LOL

Re: the Italian guy, goes to show you that guys can be jerks anywhere in the world! That's why once you find a gem you keep him! :)

Anonymous said...

Yow, yow! those photos make me want to get out mah oil paints, girl!!!

Is that Tuscany, Jodi? Drat!!!!

Those photos of your family and Rachel make it all the more real, like us readers have a better idea of what your family and the Mediterranean life are like! The food looks yum, BTW...argh, I need to lose a few pounds, sigh.


Valerie said...

Those are fantastic photos of your family and Rachel. It took my breathe away. Thank you for sharing.

About Asshole, Assholes are easy to come by, Prince Charming is much harder. Rachel will find that Prince, when she does he will look at her and say - your CIs are what make you YOU! and it will not even be an issue. The asshole will always be an asshole.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jean!
Karen, Rachel posted one Norah Jones song on the youtube video and I posted "Sunrise" - Rachel and I listened to that on our ipods coming home on the train from Pisa.
Rhonda- HIIIIIIIIIIIIi!!!!!! My inbox should be okay now, I've been emptying messages because it's been bouncing. "Of our little Maremma" *smile* I miss you especially when I pass your empty house. Tell the kidlings I'm thinking of them and to be good in school- give P a kick in the butt, R a kiss on the cheek and tell A to be good to the ladies. I'll write as soon as they freakin fix my internet. Love and miss you...
Paula, Thanks for still being here. I owe you a long email and haven't checked Hearing Exchange since you were away. As soon as my internet gets fixed I will email and we will chat. Miss you...
Thaaaaaaaaanks Ann! I wonder who my next visitor from the land of blogging will be *smile*
Valeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie, once again you have inspired me with your words of wisdom. Hugs to all, Jodi (still desperate from an internet cafe)

mishkazena said...

Great photos, Jodi. Your kids are beautiful and your hubby a hunk!

It seems your kids have also inherited your spunk. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Putz and Elizabeth...
My husband thinks he spotted a six-pack in one of those photos, I told him he was mistaken...he wasn't *smile*
My dad is crying because he went to exchange dollars for euro, he said there must be some kind of error. I said, "Nope."
Anyway, my computer is worrrrrrrrrrrking! Jodi