Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday JORDAN ERIC!!!! And The Car Accident

Today is a very special day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN ERIC!!! My boy is twelve years old today, hard to believe. Everyone's favorite story is telling about the day they gave birth to their children. It's almost impossible to get through the story because the person with whom you are sharing this wonderous event inevitably interrupts you five thousand times to share the story of the birth of her first child.
I will say this:
1. My contractions began over a plate of Chili's Nachos (still my all-time favorite food)
2. My contractions were five minutes apart for an entire Oriole Game that went into extra innings.
3. At the end of the game -the Orioles won games back then-, I told my mom and Luca "Take me to the F****** hospital or I'm calling a taxi.
4. When the doctor visited me to see at what point I was, there was a "Pop," I screamed and Niagara Falls rushed all over Luca's feet. He asked me why I was screaming as he went to dry his shoes.
5. I called my friends, it was 3 am.
6. My ObGyn said she was on her way to the hospital. They took me to a private delivery room where I puked up the Chili's nachos.
7. There were eighteen of us in the room and it was All hanging out *smile*
8. They gave me an epidural.
9. My ObGyn arrived, took one look at me, smelled the room, ordered the nurse to remove the trashcan of nacho puke and told me to immediately push.
10. I screamed. She told me to shut up (really). I pushed again and out came Jordan Eric, slimey and silent.
11. Finally he cried and they took him away.
12. No newborn hearing screening.

Twelve years later, Jordan is growing up to be a fine, young (pain in the butt)adolescent who is sensitive, fun-loving and independent.
Boy...Time sure does fly when...
You're raising a child.

Part 2-
My dad arrived this morning at Fiumicino airport in Rome. We hugged, got all teary- eyed and started the one and a half hour drive back to Grosseto. My dad was in the front seat and I was sprawled out on the back seats, chillin' and talkin'. Suddenly, I hear Luca and my Dad go "OH MY GOD!" I dart up from the back seat and see a car flip over three times on the highway right in front of us. Luca pulls the car over on the shoulder, my dad opens the door and starts running - sprinting to the car.
My thoughts: Dad, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????
Okay, my dad doesn't speak Italian.
I'm thinking the car that is fuming is going to blow up at any minute.
Luca's screaming, "Be careful when you open the door, Steve!" (my dad was already halfway to the smoking car)
Luca told me I screamed, "Does anyone know CPR??" and "Dad, what the hell are you doing?"

About twelve cars pulled over to the shoulder at the same time to offer assistance.
One woman called the equivalent of 911.
One man and Luca worked on getting the woman out of the car. The man tried to break the seat to pull her out. Luca suggested he use the roll-the-seat-down button. That worked and they got the woman out.
One man brought the grungiest blanket I've ever seen to put on the woman who was conscious and breathing, apparently in shock but miraculously unharmed.
My dad collected her belongings and laid them next to her on the asphalt.
I was on "make her calm" duty and began caressing her arm and speaking softly to her in Italian.
One man waved traffic to the side.
One man ordered Luca to shut off the battery. Luca looked at him like he was crazy and took her car keys out of the ignition.
Apparently there was a nice gentleman from Britain on the scene as well and my dad and he chatted amicably during the adventure.
The woman who called 911 told the woman lying on the ground that my husband, another man and my dad had saved her life.
I kept praying the car didn't explode.
When we saw that all was under control, we got back in our car and headed towards Grosseto.
Luca said, "A fine example of well-organized disorganization."
My dad said, "Jodi, why the hell didn't you take a picture for your blog?"
I said, "Dad, you might as well turn around and get back on the plane, because That is the most exciting thing that you will see in the next seven days."


Drew's Mom said...

What a story!!

Happy 12th birthday Jordan. Time really does fly...

P.S. Love the birth story; and I used to love Chili's nachos :)

VBnBama said...

You are so funny (and graphic, lol)
Happy Birthday Jordan, love the slide show from Rachel's visit too. I too noticed the chest puffing from J man. He's so cute!

Unknown said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! The little internet man just fixed my computer and I'm typing on my own keyboard and I still can't do any work because my dad is here and I must entertain. I think I'll be awake until 4 am. Things to DOOOOOO! Thanks, Val and Drew's mom for your birthday wishes...Val, you know it could have been MUCH MUCH MORE GRAPHIC, I held back.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Jordan...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan! My gosh, what excitement on your birthday! So glad that you all were there to help!