Friday, April 12, 2013

Does Anyone Know Jordan- the Boy on Youtube?

Does anyone know Jordan, the boy on Youtube?
That was the question a new entry posted on my forum.
For a minute I wasn't even sure she was talking about my son...but she was definitely talking about  Jordan.
She wrote, "The first time I saw him on youtube, I cried. He was my first approach to the cochlear implant, he gave me hope."
Then, another member of the forum posted this: "It's true...when we found out about Chiara's deafness, they immediately talked to us about the cochlear implant. We had never heard of a cochlear implant, so we started to do some research. When we inserted the key words on youtube, we found a beautiful child with glasses who said, 'My name is Jordan Del Dottore' and we realized that anything is possible. Today, after almost one year since my daughter received her cochlear implant, when she says, 'Papa' my love, I love you", we're totally convinced about our choice".
Yesterday was an emotional experience on the Forum.
And here he is....Jordan...a couple of years ago:-) 

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